Does your dog growl, bark and lunge at other dogs or people? Is your dog nervous and could use some more confidence? If the answers to any of the above questions is yes, then these are the walks for you! Dogs that behave in this manner are often referred to as “reactive” and can be very difficult to walk, with many owners completely avoiding stimuli that are likely to elicit a response of barking and lunging. These walks focus on changing the emotional response to these stimuli using classical conditioning. Your dog will be kept under a threshold where they are happy to view whatever they find scary and do not feel the need to react.


Dogs must wear a flat collar with an identification tag that fits the legal requirements and a correctly fitting harness. Treats, leads and longlines will be supplied by the walker. In some cases, a muzzle may be required in order to keep your dog and the general public safe. If this is the case, the muzzle will be conditioned to be a good thing to avoid stressing your dog out further.


A free meet and greet to discuss the issues that you would like to be addressed and how you would like them to be addressed. Reactive dog walks can only be offered after your dog has been assessed by a veterinarian to ensure that there is no medical reason for the behaviour and a behavioural specialist, either by Paw by Paw Training or another qualified trainer in the area. This ensures the safety of your dog and others, whilst maintaining a standard of training across all those involved in the walking of the dog.

Health Requirements:

Dogs of any fitness are eligible for 1-2-1 reactive dog walks, however any health issues including allergies should be disclosed in order to ensure they are not made worse on any walks.


Contact Emma at to receive the booking form for 1-2-1 reactive dog walks.


£30 per walk, discounts available for block booking and those already attending classes with us – get in touch to find out more.


Walks are available across Dorset however a fuel charge is added more than 20 miles from Dorchester.