Its Yer Choice (Self Control) Tutorial – Development

This is another development of the tutorial released last week. This time we’ll be working with food on the floor. Often dogs find the change from handheld food to food on the floor a challenge so this is worth working on to make sure that your dogs really understand the concept. Part 1 of this … Continued

Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

Dog training has gone through (or is going through, depending on who you talk to) a revolution. Previously, the onus of good behaviour was on the dog. It was their responsibility to behave, to mind read what we wanted and to avoid things they disliked as a result of that. Now, the onus is on … Continued

Its Yer Choice (Self Control) Tutorial

Its yer choice is a great development from the zen hand tutorial released last week. Depending on how you develop this, it can be used to add duration to your behaviours (in the form of reverse luring), or used to develop your impulse control further to teach your dog to wait around treats on the … Continued

Zen Hand (Self Control) Tutorial

Zen hand is a fabulous exercise to start teaching your dog self control. If you work through it systematically you can also teach your dog the concept of staying still in the presence of fast movement which is something a lot of dogs struggle with in any exercise. There is also a video version of … Continued

Improvement with your Dogs

Improvement with your Dogs It’s easy to think that your dog trainer’s dogs were born perfect. Very often the things we post on social media focus on the good, describe improvements and are generally focussed on the good things about our dogs. With this in mind, I’m writing this blog post to try and help … Continued

The Difference a Year’s Training Can Make

The Difference A Year’s Training Can Make Often training a dog takes time. Depending on the skill or behaviour being taught, it can take an awful lot of time. It’s important to keep this in mind when training, especially if you’re beginning to feel disheartened or that your dog isn’t making progress as quickly as … Continued

New Year, New… Dog?

New Year, New… Dog?   So, 2018 has arrived, I hope you all saw in the New Year in style and wish you the best for you and your loved ones. I’m sorry to add another “New Year New Me” social media post, but hopefully this one has a bit of a twist. The majority … Continued

Premack Principle

Premack Principle In keeping with last week’s blog post about how to fit more training into a busy schedule, I thought I’d attempt to write about the Premack Principle. This principle was the work of David Premack, who originally used it to work with great apes. I personally found this concept very difficult to get … Continued