Training Tips

Set your dog up for success

Clients rarely come to me asking to teach a behaviour. Usually I’m asked to stop behaviours. ‘I want to stop her pulling on the lead’ in comparison to ‘I’d like her to walk next to me’, ‘I want to stop him running off’ rather than ‘I’d like to teach him a good recall’. I’m good […]

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The Perfect Puppy Programme

There are so many variables when it comes to raising a puppy, especially if you want to do everything right. Here I explain what I consider to be the best way of raising a puppy as a pet dog owner and why this leads to the perfect puppy.  1. Contact a trainer before you buy

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Tracking Your Training

Tracking your training is a really important step to ensure that your dog is progressing in something you want to improve. This is particularly important if the behaviour you’re addressing is one that you find undesirable because it gives you an objective measure of improvement. This means that you don’t feel like the behaviour is

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Premack Principle

In keeping with last week’s blog post about how to fit more training into a busy schedule, I thought I’d attempt to write about the Premack Principle. This principle was the work of David Premack, who originally used it to work with great apes. I personally found this concept very difficult to get my head

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