Context is Key

Dogs are the kings of context. This can work both to our advantage and disadvantage. If we’ve got an undesirable behaviour that we would like to stop happening, often we can change the context that it occurs in and that’s sufficient to change the dog’s behaviour (this is more successful if you change the context …

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What Makes Efficient Training?

You’ll often hear trainers talk about efficient training. There is a lot that contributes to this, and a certain amount of what constitutes ‘efficient’ is down to each trainer’s personal preference. I share my thoughts on the topic below.  1. Clarity for dog and human Training that is confusing or makes either end of the …

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Dog Training Is Evolving

In the dog world I occasionally see or hear a trainer being slated because they did something one way and have since changed how they do it. Certainly, among dog trainers this can be simple nasty chit chat. However, I wondered if owners ever see a trainer’s social media, read their blog, or attended classes …

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