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Emma Phillips

Tracking Your Training

Tracking your training is a really important step to ensure that your dog is progressing in something you want to improve. This is particularly important if the behaviour you’re addressing is one that you find undesirable because it gives you an objective measure of improvement. This means that you don’t feel like the behaviour is …

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Dog Training is Hard!

Dog training is a physical skill. It involves a lot of different aspects, both human and dog, and that’s before you’ve even looked at the environment you’re in! I often get told that I make an exercise look easy. The truth is that I should! I spent my life training dogs, working with my own …

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Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

Dog training has gone through (or is going through, depending on who you talk to) a revolution. Previously, the onus of good behaviour was on the dog. It was their responsibility to behave, to mind read what we wanted and to avoid things they disliked as a result of that. Now, the onus is on …

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What are biofeedback mechanisms and how can you apply them to behaviour problems?

The biofeedback model is a brain baby of Dr. Karen Overall. It works on the theory that you can use body movements to trigger certain physiological states. The most obvious example of this is teaching a hip popped down or ‘settle’ or using Dr. Karen Overall’s relaxation protocol.  I love this method of training because …

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Improvement with your Dogs

It’s easy to think that your dog trainer’s dogs were born perfect. Very often the things we post on social media focus on the good, describe improvements and are generally focussed on the good things about our dogs. With this in mind, I’m writing this blog post to try and help people understand how much …

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