Functional Foundations Taking Your Dog Back To Baseline

I’ve been so excited to announce this. Functional Foundations will be coming to you throughout the whole of June via this website, our email list (join here), and all of our social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok). 

What Are Functional Foundations?

Functional Foundations are the basics of ensuring that your dog can function to the best of their ability. They ensure that all your dog’s needs are met and some basic training that lots of other training builds upon. 

Why Functional Foundations?

If you come to us we will ensure that your dog’s essential needs are being met prior to training beginning. This allows you to progress through your plan quickly and effectively. 

In Functional Foundations we’ll address everything we check before working with a client on a 121 basis. If you cover everything in Functional Foundations and then go to a professional you’ll be able to get into the nitty gritty bits and change your dog’s behaviour immediately. We know your time is precious so we’re passionate about getting you started on the urgent changes required to improve your day to day life. Without Functional Foundations in place, there’s a lot you may have to do to meet your dog’s needs before getting started on behaviour modification and training plans. 

Who Needs Functional Foundations?

Everyone! Your dog need not be displaying undesirable behaviours that you want to address, or have any behavioural issues. They could be a great dog who you think is perfect in every way. Functional Foundations ensures that you are letting them to live their best life possible and may give you a few ideas for how to keep them even happier than they already are. 

Best of all, this is all for free and accessible to anyone/everyone who wants to join! 

How To Join & Get Started

To get started, I recommend joining at least one of our social media platforms as this website is only going to host the written/handout versions of exercises and places like Facebook and Instagram are going to have a balance of writing and videos. Once you follow us on socials then all you need to do is wait for the information to be released! 

Today’s task is to fill in our behaviour survey by clicking here. This gives us a baseline of your dog’s behaviour. You fill this form out weekly so you can monitor how your dog’s behaviour changes over the month. This will also let you see which element of the Functional Foundations is the most important for your dog. 

Can’t wait to keep up with you over the next few weeks!

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