This is a 6-week course designed to prepare dogs for life alongside a busy family in today’s world. Let’s face it, we expect our dogs to behave beautifully every single day in every scenario we can possibly throw at them, often with only a puppy classes’ worth of training to their name. This course provides the opportunity to train a dog to be a modern-day human savvy companion in almost every situation they may come across in life. Upon completing this course, dogs are expected to carry out loose lead walking among distractions, be given a basic veterinary inspection by a stranger, demonstrate a reliable recall among distractions and controlled play around other dogs, a reliable sit and down with a trick of the handler’s choice with a strong go mat and settle. This results in a well-rounded dog that is accustomed to modern society. There is an optional assessment at the end of this course for those that wish to receive a certificate, rosette and ‘graduation’ pictures.


8pm-8.45pm on Thursdays. Flexible start times means that you don’t have to wait for the 6 week course to finish before signing up! You can join whenever you want as long as there are spaces in the class.

What to bring:

Small, high value food rewards (preferably a variety), a favourite toy, lead, flat collar and/or harness and something comfy for the dog to lay on between exercises. Any family members are welcome, and this is a fantastic course to teach the whole family how to deal with their canine family member on a daily basis.

Health requirements:

All attendees must be up to date on vaccinations or titer tests. Any other health issues should be reported in order to ensure safety of the dog at all times.

Class size:

6 dogs maximum.


£80 per dog. A £20 non-refundable deposit confirms your place on the course.


This class will take place at South Coast Equestrian, Chickerell (DT3 4DL). 


Contact Emma at to register your interest for this class. 

If you’re ready to book please fill out this form

We’ll send out the welcome package upon receiving the filled in form and to confirm that you’ve secured a place on the course.