Code of Ethics

At Paw by Paw Training we adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • All training methods used will be science based, following the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) protocol with Susan Friedman’s Humane Hierarchy applying at every stage. Syllabi will be updated at the very least on a yearly basis to ensure that the methods utilised are up to date and bring the most modern techniques to our clients. 
  • At no point will trainers recommend the use of any equipment that causes pain in order to work. 
  • If trainers have any concerns about the goals that a client wants to achieve, these will be discussed prior to any training commencing to ensure that all parties are happy with the proposed training plan. 
  • Trainers commit to working within their remit and will refer clients on to a more suitable practitioner if they believe a case to be outside of their remit. 
  •  All training plans will be created with the convenience of the client in mind. Each stage will be confirmed with clients to ensure that it is suitable for the client’s lifestyle and is something the client is able to carry out. 
  • The welfare of animals being worked comes first and will be the focus of every element in training plans. 
  • No client will be judged for their decisions. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, and it is not the place of Paw by Paw Training employees to pass judgement on any methods or purchasing decisions that clients have made prior to starting work with Paw by Paw Training. 
  • Any extreme concern about the welfare of an animal(s) will be reported to the relevant authorities. 
  • Employees of Paw by Paw Training will commit to a rigorous continued professional development regime, totalling at least 120 hours a year and including both theory and practical elements. 
  • Clients will be welcome and comfortable at every turn. No party will make another feel unwelcome or prejudiced against. Any party who is prejudiced against other groups, especially marginalised groups is not welcome to use the services offered by Paw by Paw Training. 
  • The privacy of clients will be respected at all turns. More information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy

Updated: 2nd March 2021