Mission Statement

At Paw by Paw Training we know how heart breaking it can be for your beloved companion to develop behaviour problems. Having lived this ourselves and knowing how much serious behaviour problems like aggression, separation anxiety, guarding, and repetitive behaviours can impact your day to day life, we’re determined to help others who consider their dog to have a problem behaviour. 

Problem behaviours can be considered mild on the grand scale of all the possible problem behaviours that a dog can present with, however we know that what each of us considers mild differs between us. Therefore, when you come to us and say that a behaviour is a problem to you then we wholeheartedly accept that. Some companies that address behaviours such as aggression can lose sight of the fact that the problem is in the eye of the beholder. Although we may view pulling on the lead as a mild problem in comparison to all of the dogs we work with, we appreciate that if you consider it to be the biggest problem that your dog displays then it will be what you consider to be most important. As such, behaviours that concern you are our upmost priority. We achieve this by offering one to one behaviour and training sessions, Reactive Rovers, Life Skills. 

In addition to helping those who are currently experiencing problem behaviours, we endeavour to educate and inspire owners to prevent problems from developing in their dogs. This is most easily achieved by our pre-puppy services to ensure that clients bring home the dog that is most suited to what they need. Our Puppy classes are also aimed at providing all of the skills necessary to prevent problem behaviours from developing. We refuse to profit off problem behaviours without attempting to prevent the reason(s) those problem behaviours arise. 

We aim to provide all of the above in a variety of in-person and online services. One of our goals for the future is to provide more local one-off workshops and talks to help add to the services we offer that aim to prevent problems from developing and educating owners so that they know when to get preventative help. 

Finally, whatever the reason that a client has come to Paw by Paw Training, we offer lifelong support and help. It takes a village to raise a well-adjusted dog and we’re determined to offer you that village and all of the support it entails.