Are you one of ‘those owners’ who others cross the street to avoid because your placed, lovely family member suddenly turns into a lunging rascal, demon or worse on sight of other people or dogs?! Relax. You are not alone and even better, there is a solution! Dogs that struggle with modern day-to-day life and often come across as ‘aggressive’ to other people or dogs, along with various other stimuli, are known as reactive dogs and this course is designed for reactive dogs of many kinds. This 6-week course is designed to help reactive dogs become desensitised to the stresses of modern life. The course focuses on slowly increasing the confidence of dogs to common triggers, including other dogs, a variety of people and traffic. Each of the exercises carried out in this class bears this in mind and allows each dog to work at its own pace and comfort level to ensure no dog goes over threshold. 


7pm-7.45pm on Wednesdays. Our next course starts on the 8th of January.

What to bring:

Small, high value food rewards (preferably a variety), a favourite toy, lead, flat collar and/or harness, a muzzle if appropriate, a chew toy or filled kong and something comfy for the dog to lay on between exercises. Any family members are welcome.

Health requirements:

All attendees must have received their first vaccine or provide up to date proof of immunity through titer tests. Any other health issues should be reported in order to ensure safety of the dog at all times.

Class size:

4 dogs maximum.


£95 per dog. A £20 deposit confirms your place on the course.


This class will take place at South Coast Equestrian, Chickerell (DT3 4DL).


Contact Emma at to register your interest for this class.