Ditch The Treat Workshop

Decrease your reliance on holding treats

Will your dog only recall if they can see that you’ve got a treat in your hand? Will they only walk nicely when you’ve got a toy in your pocket? Or do they only look at you and sit when you say “Whassis?” and show them a treat? Our Ditch The Treat workshops are one of the most exciting services we offer! Weaning dogs off food or toy rewards is a skill that is crucial to training dogs fully. This class teaches you the skills necessary to remove treats from your body for a selection of the behaviours crucial to a happy life with a pet dog. You will be able to transfer these skills to any other behaviour you could possibly want to teach so that you can ditch the treat for anything you teach your dog throughout their life! 

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What you need to know


None at this time. Please email us to be placed on the waiting list. 

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