Reactive Rovers Workshop

The barking need not continue

This workshop is targeted towards helping dogs who are reactive, nervous of or aggressive to other dogs. This can look like dogs barking, lunging, snapping and snarling at, hiding from, trying to get away or trying to bite other dogs. The workshop is 3 hours long, split across two sessions a week apart and has theory and a few practical elements that teach you how to address your dog’s reactivity. No dog will be exposed to another dog unless they are ready for this and we’ll endeavour to ensure that no reactions occur throughout the whole of the workshop (including seeing clients to their cars).

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What you need to know


None at this time. Please email us to be placed on the waiting list. 

If you cannot attend any of the above dates and would like to register for our waiting list for future sessions or have any questions about workshops please email [email protected]

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