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Embrace your dog's dogness

The power of a dog’s nose is no secret. We’ve used it to our own advantage for thousands of years, with some studies suggesting one of the reasons wolves were domesticated being their ability to help humans on a hunt. A dog’s nose may literally be part of the reason that they’ve evolved into man’s best friend. Discover the joy of working on scentwork with your dog and begin to truly appreciate the power of the tool that your dog possesses when they doze on your sofa!

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What you need to know


From Monday the 15th January 6.30pm at South Coast Equestrian (Weymouth, DT3 4DL) – run by Emma 

We’re operating a waiting list for Scent Club sessions at the following times:  
Wednesdays 5.30pm at Lead On Dog Shop 
Wednesdays 6.20pm at Lead On Dog Shop 
Wednesdays 7.10pm at Lead On Dog Shop
Please email us if you would like to register for a space on these courses. 

If you cannot attend any of the above dates and would like to register for our waiting list for future courses or have any questions about classes please email

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