Venue Details

Lead On Dog Shop

Lead On Dog Shop is just behind CEF Electrical on the Granby Industrial Estate in Weymouth. As you look at CEF, turn down the driveway to the left of the CEF building. 

CEF Electrical
23 Cambridge Road, 
Granby Industrial Estate, 
Dorset, DT4 9TJ

Lead On Dog Shop, 
Unit 1,
Cambridge Road, 
Dorset, DT4 9TJ

If you see a white Ford Transit Connect parked on the left of the driveway to Lead On Dog Shop, please park on the driveway or in the parking area for CEF Electrical. This means that class is taking place outside, in the shop’s car park. This is either due to nice weather or because of COVID-19 restrictions meaning class cannot take place indoors. 

Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Dorchester

HMP Dorchester, 
7 North Square, 

With Vinny At Six on your left, continue straight down the road in front of you. Follow the road until you come to the large green gates. If these aren’t yet open please wait, someone will be there to open them soon. If they are open please follow instructions to the parking area. 

South Coast Equestrian

South Coast Equestrian is just outside of Chickerell, Weymouth. As you leave Chickerell, and the speed limit increases to 50mph, there is a lay by on your left and South Coast is the left immediately after this lay by. 

South Coast Equestrian,
537 Chickerell Road,
Dorset, DT3 4DL

If you’re coming from the Portesham direction, don’t panic if you miss the turning! Keep going, there’s a mini roundabout you can turn around at and then try again. 

The Great Field Poundbury

The Great Field at Poundbury is where a lot of our 121 sessions take place. 

1 Peverell Avenue East, 
Dorset, DT1 3RH

Your coach will be waiting on the field opposite the pharmacy to meet you. Please be patient if they aren’t there immediately waiting, they may be somewhere else on the field coaching a client. Give them 5 minutes to make their way over there. After 5 minutes, feel free to call them. 

"Training Paddock" At Hounds & Hooves, Field 1 or 2 at "The Gallops" by Hounds & Hooves

Please note the picture below in addition to the address as the address for the Training Paddock doesn’t get you all the way to the venue. 

Whitcombe Racing Stables, 
Whitcombe Down Road, 
Dorset, DT2 8NY

This postcode will take you to Whitcombe Church, there’s a little hamlet, graveyard and turning into this area. The red point on the map below indicates where the postcode will take you. The small point on the map circled in blue is where the venue actually is. 

If coming from Dorchester, go past the hamlet and do not turn left when your SATNAV tells you to do so. Instead, take the next right and then turn into the driveway pictured below. 

If coming from the Wareham direction, please take the left before your SATNAV says to turn right. If you miss the turning from this direction, don’t panic. There is a lay by after the hamlet where you can turn around. 

Please turn into the driveway pictured below and take the first right. Follow that road down to the fountain and park there. Your instructor will be waiting for you to give further directions.