Veterinary Referral

What is it?

Veterinary referral is the process of either your veterinarian contacting me on your behalf in order to put you forward as a client for behavioural modification or, more commonly, me contacting your veterinarian on your behalf after you reach out to me for behaviour modification services. 

Why Do we need it?

Behaviour, especially problem behaviours such as aggression towards people or dogs both in and outside of the house, separation anxiety, resource guarding, compulsive behaviours such as tail spinning or light chasing and inappropriate chasing, is often a multifaceted issue. Often there is a medical element to what is occurring. Even if there is currently no medical contributing factor to the behaviour, a medical history may explain why a behaviour has developed. For example, my dog Pumba learned that men touching his head resulted in pain due to an ear infection, this fear of men touching his head was sustained even after the ear infection was resolved. 

Furthermore, behaviour practitioners are not medically trained. We know a few bits and bobs of what to look out for and when to refer back to a veterinarian, even if the referring veterinarian has consented to us working with an animal. But we have no medical knowledge. Personally, there’s an additional reason for this – I faint around blood. There’s a reason I became a behaviourist and not a vet! 

A team made up of a veterinarian and behaviour practitioner is the most effective team to address your behavioural concerns and will ensure that your dog is in the best of hands both psychologically and physically. 

How does it happen?

If you contact Paw by Paw for behavioural services, you will be sent a behaviour history form. In that form there is a question asking whether or not you consent to your practitioner contacting your veterinarian on your behalf. If you consent, then a form will be emailed to your veterinarian and they will either sign off and send the form back to me, in which case we get you booked in, or they will ask you to pop in for an examination (which may be general or to examine something specific). 

If you do not consent to your practitioner contacting your veterinarian, they can pass all the necessary paperwork to you and you can liaise with your veterinarian yourself. 

Once all necessary paperwork has been received, you will be contacted by Paw by Paw in order to book in your free, 15-minute discovery call and your package will be booked in from there.