Behaviour packages

Our behaviour packages are ideal for dogs displaying behaviour suggestive of aggression towards people and/or dogs, issues being left home alone, panic in any environment, inappropriate/misplaced chasing or general nervousness, anxiety or fear. 

Due to the nature of working with severe behavioural problems, which have often become habits for dogs over a course of months or even years, very little can be done to resolve concerning behaviours in a single session. Therefore, when addressing behaviour cases of a more habitual, ingrained behaviour we work with packages. 

Packages offer a number of sessions and therefore provide longer term support than single sessions, or booking multiple single sessions provides. This allows our clients to see long term success with their dogs with less resurgence of undesirable behaviour over time. We help you solve the root cause of your dog’s problems rather than simply stopping the behaviour you find undesirable occurring.

How we work

Sticking a plaster on undesirable behaviours in the form of simply stopping them can lead to dogs who still need to perform undesirable behaviours so they simply pick a different behaviour that you have to train them to stop all over again! Addressing the root cause of their undesirable behaviour means that you’re less likely to have to address multiple undesirable behaviours over time.

All work in our packages is carried out at the pace of you and your dog. Rushing this kind of work often leads to holes that have to be patched up later on in the process. We’ll help you to address your dog’s behaviour from start to finish.

Please note that we only work off veterinary referral. Cases will not be accepted without the permission of a referring veterinarian. This process may involve a request to have your dog examined by a veterinarian in addition to partaking in a behaviour modification package. Behaviour problems rarely develop in isolation and it’s wholly unethical for a behaviour practitioner to work on a case without ensuring that there is no potential medical cause. As all of our employees having no medical training outside of pet first aid, this is not something we can do and will rely on your veterinarian for. 

In most cases, the veterinary referral system means little extra work for you. There is a section of the behaviour history form you fill in where you can give your practitioner permission to contact your veterinarian directly. If permission for this is given, the majority of the work can be done by your behaviour practitioner and your veterinarian. You may need to visit the vet practice for a check up. In other cases, the cause of the behaviour may require a number of veterinary visits, we do try our upmost to limit these but rarely is finding the cause of the behaviour an easy task and this can occasionally be necessary. If you would like to find out more about veterinary referral, you can do so HERE

We endeavour to keep a smile on everyone's face no matter how big the problem!


Please note that there are discounts on any one-to-one package that is booked with our Reactive Rovers classes. Please contact us to find out more about the options available. Discounts are also available for anyone employed in the emergency services. Please provide proof of employment when enquiring about a class for this discount to be applied. 

£ 1
  • 3 x one hour one-to-one sessions 
  • 4 x fifteen minute catch up & support calls
  • Personalised report which is updated after each one-to-one
  • Lifetime support via email, text, or any of our social media platforms – your support isn’t limited to the three hours we are with you in person!
  • A maximum of 3 months to use all sessions (minimum of 3 weeks) 
£ 1
  • 5 x one hour one-to-one sessions
  • 6 x fifteen minute catch up & support calls 
  • Personalised report which is updated after each one-to-one 
  • Lifetime support via email, text, or any of our social media platforms – your support isn’t limited to the five hours we are with you in person!
  • A maximum of 5 months to use all sessions (minimum of 5 weeks) 
£ 1
  • 8 x one hour one-to-one sessions
  • 9 x fifteen minute catch up & support calls 
  • Personalised report which is updated after each one-to-one
  • Lifetime support via email, text, or any of our social media platforms – your support isn’t limited to the eight hours we are with you in person! 
  • A maximum of 8 months to use all sessions (minimum of 8 weeks) 


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Before we book any sessions you’ll be sent a behaviour history form to fill in which helps me identify how much work you need and how long the undesirable behaviour(s) have been an issue. Once I’ve reviewed your form I’ll be in touch to offer a free no-obligation discovery call to discuss your options or to book you in. It’s at this point that we can discuss how many sessions to expect. 

Full payment of your chosen package is due as soon as your first session is confirmed as in the diary. 

Absolutely! We understand that we’re asking you to pay a lot of money to people you likely won’t have met in person at the time of payment. If you feel more comfortable booking a smaller package and upgrading after you feel more comfortable with us then we want you to have that option!

Typically trainers try to keep between three to five exercises per session. However this does depend on the content covered and the issues being addressed, sometimes we deal with one or two small things in addition to the typical three to five exercises. 

Everyone in the family can attend if they wish to. For insurance purposes however we are unable to have minors (<18) attend without an adult. 

Sessions can take place at your home, on a walk local to you (booked as a home visit), you can come to the Great Field in Poundbury or sessions can be done online via technology if you prefer. Dependent on the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, home visits and in-person sessions may not be an option at the time of booking. Behaviours that need to be addressed in the home will be addressed via technology in the event that a home visit is not possible. 

Packages can go on for no longer than one session per month. The bronze, silver and gold packages can be used over three, five and eight months respectively. You are of course welcome to complete your package sooner than this. We recommend a minimum of one week in between sessions, with most clients choosing to book in roughly every one to two weeks. 

Except in the case of extenuating circumstances these packages are nonrefundable, either for the whole package or as single sessions. The money is however transferrable to one of our other services.

Not a problem! Multi-dog households can come with a whole host of undesirable behaviours stemming from how your dogs interact with one another. The price per package remains the same regardless of how many dogs are involved.