Reactive Rovers

This hugely popular class is for any dog who is nervous of other dogs or barks at, lunges at and maybe even tries to bite other dogs. Our specialist set up for the class ensures that dogs are safe and all exercises are carried out at the pace of each individual dog to ensure that their confidence it continually being built upon. 

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These classes are ideal for clients who wish their puppy to grow into the perfect family pet. With exercises and content tailored for what you need this class covers everything you need to teach your puppy in order for them to be a well-adjusted family pet in today’s world.

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Life skills

This class is ideal for any dog that is over 4 months old and needs help with basic manners such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall, self control and more! 

Reactive rovers on the road

This class is open to any dog who has completed our Reactive Rovers class and behaviour one-to-one attendees who have received a personal invitation to this class. As owners who have experienced life with a reactive dog we know how easy it is to avoid difficult locations and hide from situations that make our dog react. This class is dedicated to helping you overcome these location fears and will help you implement the various techniques you’ve learned to manage and instruct your dog in busier environments throughout the local area. 

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canine college

This course is for attendees of our Puppy or Life Skills classes who would like to continue their training journey. Attendees of Reactive Rovers may attend this course by invitation only. The content for this course is entirely dictated by what attendees need or would like to teach their dogs.

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Tracking is a brilliantly fun activity where dogs sniff out a path that a human has made for them in order to find articles and ultimately the person who laid the track. This is an ideal class for dogs who love to use their nose, especially out and about on walks!