1-2-1 Programmes


Our one-to-one behaviour programmes are ideal for dogs displaying behaviour suggestive of human- or dog-directed aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, inappropriate chasing, obsessive behaviours or anxiety/nervousness/fear in environments like the vets, cars or a specific walk location.


One-to-one training programmes are the perfect service for teaching things like the perfect recall, loose lead walking, what to do instead of jumping up either at people or things like the kitchen counter. One-to-ones are ideal if you can’t attend classes due to an inconsistent work schedule or wanting to fix a behaviour in a specific environment outside of a training class. 

The Ultimate Puppy Programme

Puppies require far more than a basic six-week puppy class. This programme spans over the first year of your puppy’s life with you and includes absolutely every service you need for your puppy to become the ultimate version of themselves. Ideal for first time owners who may be nervous, worried, unsure or overwhelmed by everything involved with raising a puppy. This programme provides everything you need at every turn throughout your puppy’s development. 

puppy, muddy puppy, puppy playing


Puppies are wonderful but can be quite a shock to the system, especially if it’s your first puppy or you have had a few years in between your current puppy and your last dog. We offer a number of pre-puppy sessions for owners who are unsure of how to prepare for their new arrival and one-to-one programmes for puppies who are already home. 

Buddy Packages

If you would love 1-2-1 training but it’s stretching your budget, our semi-private buddy sessions are the ideal alternative.