Puppy Workshop

These ad-hoc workshops are designed to fill gaps in our puppy class schedule to help ensure that you get a chance to socialise your puppies in their sensitive periods and give them the best start in life. We cover all of the key skills you need in order to create a great relationship with your puppy and help them become a perfect family member. 

Recall Workshop

These dedicated recall workshops are perfect for any stage of your recall training. We cover the basics to ensure that the key skills required are functioning through to how to develop your recall and work through distractions. Ideal if you simply want to top up your recall, fix a specific issue with distractions or you’ve recently brought a new dog home and want to get the best start for a good recall. 

Loose Lead Walking Workshop

This workshop focuses on teaching your dog how to walk nicely on the lead. This is perfect if you’ve just brought a dog home and want to get started on the right foot, or if your dog has a problem with pulling on their lead and the pulling needs to be undone before we can start teaching them to walk nicely. 

Ditch The Treat Workshop

If you would like to learn how to go from needing treats on you to get your dog to do what you want then this workshop is ideal! Your dog must have at least one behaviour learnt prior to attending this, it doesn’t matter what behaviour, just one that we can work with in order to teach you how to remove the food to get the behaviour. 

Magic Mats Workshop

Mat training is the key to teaching your dog to relax at home, not beg for food, not jump up at guests, not charge through the front door. In addition, you can use mat training to help your dog behave when out and about at cafes/pubs or on holiday when staying at B&Bs or hotels. This workshop teaches you how to get the initial behaviour, how to develop it and how to use it in the contexts you need it for. 

Trick Training Workshop

Trick training is so fun, who doesn’t love showing their dog’s tricks off at BBQs or family events?! This workshop covers a range of tricks from basic paw and nose targets, to bow, roll over and how to build the behaviours as well as all of the theory you need to go home and train whatever tricks you fancy!

Cooperative Care Workshop

Cooperative care is the process of teaching your dog to participate in their husbandry care, be it veterinary or grooming. No more pinning your dog down to trim their nails or brush their teeth. No having to trick them to take pills. This course teaches you how to use behaviours in a cooperative setting and how to apply them to your dog’s medical and/or grooming needs. 

Introduction To Scentwork Workshop

Scentwork is the quickest way to tire your dog out and is one of the most effective activities for mental stimulation you can provide. If you have 15 minutes to tire your dog out, scentwork is the way to go! It’s incredible how easily your dog can find tiny amounts of scent in huge areas. This workshop introduces you to the sport and is ideal for dogs of any breed, age and physical build. 

Introduction To Tracking Workshop

Tracking is the process of your dog following the path a human (or other animal) has walked to find them. It’s a fabulous activity for dogs of all breeds and ages, especially older and younger dogs as it’s a low-impact activity for them to take part in and safely exercise. 

Reactive Rovers Workshop

This is a two-part workshop over two weeks that covers the theory and exercises necessary in order to start changing your dog’s emotional response to other dogs. Suitable for dogs that bark, lunge, growl at, try to hide from or maybe even try to bite other dogs. 

german shepherd, dog, barking

Introduction To Hoopers Workshop

Hoopers is a sport similar to agility in that there’s a course of obstacles to complete but is more suitable for younger and older dogs because there’s no jumping or tight turns involved. Suitable for all breeds and ages of dog. 

Introduction To Rally Workshop

Rally is like obedience but follows a course of signs that tell you which exercises to carry out. It’s a great sport for reactive dogs to take up as there is an active online competition community to ease you and your dog into competitive environments.